Problems never end, But Solutions Never end either.

Stay positive. If your brain keeps thinking "my God, as soon as one problem ends, another starts!" Or if your brain cries, "This problem will never end!" substitute those negative thoughts with "Problems do end! Just not on my schedule." Problems resolve or dissolve. There is always a solution. Often, the solution is simple: acceptance.


Substitute negative thoughts with positive thinking. Sit up straight and put your shoulders back! Refuse to be impatient or worried. For every problem, there is a solution. Sometimes the solution is there is nothing more we can do. In such cases, the solution is acceptance. Often the solution is not what we immediately wanted. Often things don't turn out the way we think is best, so try not to judge outcomes. Just keep doing the next right thing according to the four absolutes: love, unselfishness, purity, and honesty. Make your life about the journey, not the end of the journey.