We don't think less of ourselves, we think about ourselves less.

Healthy self image is our goal today. I have reduced all of the self measuring. The adventure is more important than the outcome. When I was drugging, it was all about self-measuring. I was either worthless or grandiose. It was all about what I was getting for me. Today, I can be self-caring without being selfish. I think about what I can do for others. 



Today, I will be kind to myself and others because we deserve it. I will see a big red stop sign in my mind if I feel humiliated, ashamed, sad or fearful - and instead of beating myself up, I will imagine giving myself a big hug. I will refuse to think less of myself just because I made a mistake or failed in some way. Today will not be about how the World treats me, but how I treat the World with my goal to do the next right thing according to love, honesty, purity, and unselfishness.