The best way to be patient?

When I was drinking and drugging I was always halfway there. I was never there. I was always waiting or struggling. I never made it anywhere. I had such big plans. Always looking forward with arrogance and grandiosity, but living with such low esteem that I really had no chance to accomplish anything. In recovery, I have learned to simply take it one day at a make reasonable plans, but not worry about the results...and best of all to appreciate the beauty of this moment. Even if the moment is challenging, I am able to face it. And soon the challenges pass. I am never struggling to be patient because I am no longer waiting for anything to happen. Rather I am living in this moment. Rather than being impatient and getting drunk over not yet getting what I want, I feel grateful I have all that I need right now.


Today, I will defeat the agony of impatience and any other stinking thinking by simply living in this moment by doing whatever I am supposed to do that is right in front of me. What a relief!