The 2500 ton phone

Our egos weigh things down. It's not the problem that's heavy; it's our perception that's heavy. One heavy perception that needs to be made much lighter is our fear, embarrassment, shame of picking up the phone and sharing a problem with another person. Had I not heard that I should pick up the phone instead of a drink endlessly during the first 30 days of my meeting attendance, I would never have picked up the phone and called my Sponsor when tempted to drink on day 31. Going to meetings helps lighten the weight caused by our ego defenses which have been getting fed for so long before we got clean. Picking up the phone helps us share what we are feeling so we can feel better.


It is important to have someone with whom you can share your feelings (not just your thoughts). This should be someone who will not necessarily give you advice, but simply someone who you can trust to listen and maintain confidentiality. To find someone, think who might be a possibility, then ask them if they are willing to occasionally receive calls from you for support and friendship. Ask them if they are willing to listen confidentially without giving advice unless you ask them for advice. Tell them you want to express FEELINGS not necessarily thoughts. Obvious possible choices are friends, therapists, children, parents, sponsor, significant others, etc. If you are feeling any bad feeling (sadness, stress, resentment, etc.) remember a problem shared is a problem halved. Pick up that phone. It ain't heavy.