Quieting the Drum

It not only get's better, but more importantly you'll get better. I drank and did drugs for 30 years. 22 months ago I was broken and hopeless.  I was right around 30 days sober and confided in an "old timer" that  I had a drum in my head telling me to use constantly and that 24 hours was too long let alone the rest of my life. Here's what he said: "Ok let's see, do you work?" I replied, "Yes, 8 hours." He asked, "Do you go to meetings?" "yes, 2 a day" I said. He asked, "Do you sleep?" I said, "Yes a lot right now, close to 10 hours." (I slept a lot because I was trying to escape conciousness). "Ok, let's add that up, that's 20 hours, so really you only have to stay sober 4 hrs a day!! Think you can do 4 hrs a day?" "Yes!" I said with a smile!! 22 months later I'm still smiling, taking it " One day at a time". 


Today I will remember that worry is ruminating about what could happen in the future and regret is ruminating about what happened in the past. So, I will keep my mind in the present. One day at a time means living in the NOW!