If I'm humble, I won't stumble

A SoberTool User writes: "Everyone sees my scattered manic and scary behavior. Except me. I do the most shameful things I am hyper jealous, untrusting, abusive and destructive to anyone who betrays my trust. I don’t factor my behavior as the cause of others treating me the way they do. I am so confused. Are my actions a reaction or am I just so ashamed that I keep putting myself into this victim role? I love getting wasted and it’s hard to stop but I have no friends, no family, and I’m so painfully lonely and tired of fighting. I need to get off the cycle and see what happens but man, it’s not a quick process. How can I help myself and accept the help others keep telling me I’m refusing?"


Today, no matter what the problem, I will not be ashamed to ask for help because I no longer want to be manic and confused. I can accept help when I no longer blame anyone and become humble.