You Know There's A Grace

You know there's a grace that's sufficient for an addict's soul.
  A mind, spirit and body afflicted with this hold.
  A grip so tight all you know are it's lies.
  The lies that without it, you couldn't survive.
  You begin to believe that this is what you deserve.
  After all look at all that your addiction has hurt.
  It has stolen something more precious than diamonds. 
  And if you begin to see truth, that familiar voice will chime in,
"It's too late for you, you can't make anything right,
You've already screwed it all up so don't attempt to fight
Just give in, to your faithful friend
He'll help you escape again and again."
  All the pain and emotions you don't want to feel
  He will take it away and make you think you're all healed.
  If you allow it to suck you back into it's web
  Remember this isn't a game, it just wants you dead.
  Is this what you choose, will this be your legacy?
  Children left alone, asking "why my parents" left me?
  They try to understand and try to find a good reason.
  What did they do so bad their mom or dad would leave them?
  They can't understand this powerful force,
  A disease is the reason you're not here anymore.
  A monster inside that's only playing for Keeps,
  All game playing is over when your under that white sheet.
  There's nothing in the world that can be done now, 
  Your master called one last time then took his final bow.

By: Rachel Cayce August 2018


I will remember that the most important thing I can do is not to pick up the first drink or drug. I will not let this disease kill me. I will not believe the lies that this disease tells me. I will remember that Grace can save me so long as I keep asking for help and not trying to do this alone.