My addiction has a gym membership

A sobertool user submitted the following: "My addiction isn't only out in the parking lot doing pushups, it has a full gym membership. Lately my fascination has been with heroin, even though I have never used heroin. My thinking is if they're willing to die for that stuff, it must be pretty good. I have 30 years clean and sober and my disease is still trying to get me. I wake up and it tells me life is hopeless, that I failed at my job even though my portfolio says I'm worth millions. My disease says I could have taken more risk in investing and have been even richer. It also tells me that people have mistreated me and that I need to get revenge to satisfy my resentment. My disease just wants me to pick up a drug and use. The only way I can cope with this is to refocus my attention."



Today, I need to refocus on what I am grateful for and true perspective. I need to be less of a perfectionist. I need to exercise understanding not resentment. And most importantly I need to appreciate this moment because usually the moments are pretty wonderful today because I'm clean and sober. I need to remember to be grateful for just not having a hangover and being sick.