That Train is Runnin' Around in My Brain

"That Train is runnin' around in my brain. And I don't know what to do with it. And I just wish it would slow down. That train is runnin' around in my brain.. And it is drivin' me insane, just like the poundin' rain, and I wish it would just shut up, it's causin' me pain. Like a clangin' chain. That train is runnin' around in my brain."  I'm fairly confident that peace of mind has very little to do with material success or arranging the world the way one wants it. My brain is like a Manhattan subway train, rattling and crowded, full of multitudinous usually debilitating conversations. I'm convinced that the only way I am going to find peace of mind is by emptying the subway car. I think that was one of the functions of my excess drinking. Intoxication worked. At least it seemed to. Or maybe it just did in the beginning. Not entirely sure. But I do know today that by doing 11th step meditation and just emptying my mind and thinking about nothing does bring me the serenity I thought that material success and world arrangement would bring. Also, substituting my mental chatter with loving thoughts helps. For me, this form of meditation replaces inebriation. I'm not sure I like how that sounds, but it seems to be the truth. Perhaps a more digestible way of saying it is meditation leads to the spirituality that keeps me sober.


Try taking a few deep breaths while repeating to yourself, "Empty my brain." See what the effects are. Try to lengthen these meditations day by day.