That Big Guy Keeps Givin' Me the Eye

I was really cruisin', just doin' fine. Even got my drivers license back, started gettin' what was deservedly mine, So I celebrated by relapsing all over my Harley and now I'm doin' time, That jail sure gets cold in the winter, and that Big Guy keeps givin' me the eye. Just got that promotion, makin' 200 grand a year, But had no time for those AA meetings, and somehow came back all that fear, So I relapsed all over my Ferrari, and now I'm doin' time, that jail sure gets cold in the winter and that big guy keeps givin' me the eye. So I got just one thing to say: when things start goin your way, don't forget to hit your knees and pray, and remember your Higher Power is in charge today. So you don't relapse all over your graveyard, and eternally do your time, cause Hell sure stays cold forever, and that Devil won't stop givin' you the eye.


Check out the music to the above lyrics under the Recovey Songs tab at the SoberTool website.  And today I won't get lazy about my recovery practices.