Count the Angels not the Devils

I used to drink and think about how many bad people had hurt me. I carried the weight of resentment and anger even on vacation. I imagined that people hated me even when they were not even concerned with me. Today, I count the angels instead of the devils. So many have helped me with my recovery. I have had kind people who don't ask for anything trust me and give me business opportunities. Teachers, real friends not drinking buddies, doctors, the list is great. I can appreciate all of the people it took to create the technology that allows me to correspond with you right now. I can even see where many of the people I used to resent have helped me grow. I will make it a point to get rid of my resentment because resentment hurts me.  


Today I will count my angels to counteract any ingratitude. I will also seek to understand and love the devils for I may be misjudging them and for my own peace.