Pain has no memory.

My dear wife cannot control her smartphone's sound mechanisms. Whether it's the ringtone, the buzzer, email alerts, text message alerts, media alert, and especially wake up alarm system, my wife cannot  make sure they are silenced. Approximately once every 6 months, somehow my wife's smartphone gets into our bedroom and wakes me up in the middle of the night. I am a sensitive sleeper and this really affects me the following morning. Each time her smartphone wakes me up, the following morning I admonish my wife that we can never allow her smartphone in our bedroom again for any reason. I usually yell at her uncontrollably, hoping that somehow we will remember not to allow her smartphone into the bedroom, but knowing in my heart we won't remember. And, true to form, in approximately 6 months, for one reason or another, her smartphone enters the bedroom and destroys my night's sleep. It occurs to me that this situation is exactly like the situation experienced by the addict who does not implement a daily recovery program. Despite the addict's best intentions not to ever pick up again, in a few months the pain of picking up the drug is forgotten.  


Remember that beating addiction is a daily reprieve. Pain has no memory; so each morning remind yourself that you are an addict. Getting to recovery meetings is also critical as a reminder because pain has no memory.