Filling the infinite void

Before joining A.A. I always felt an infinite void, there were no material goods or anything else that would satisfy this emptiness in a lasting way. I needed the approval of all and I made my happiness believing that others would make me happy. Attending meetings and listening to various statements, I have been finding my way.
I discovered that loneliness, that infinite emptiness was the absence of myself! Today I can say that I am at peace with God and myself. I resolve to live in peace and anything that risks this peace will no longer be a part of my life. How did it happen ? I can not explain, but it was the meetings that has been helping me in my reconstruction...

Peace, Harmony, Serenity, Courage and Wisdom.


Today, I will not let others define me. I will fill the void with spiritual principles (like love, honesty, pure thoughts, and unselfishness) rather than materialism. I will be at peace with myself.