You are someone special to God

"You are someone special…to God."

If you feel alone, confused, stressed, fearful, ignored, sinful, even worthless, you must remember that one power thinks you are awesome! That is your Higher Power. There is no need to hurt yourself by picking up the first drug. You do not need to escape from your bad feeling. You just need to remember that you are loved and important. Going into denial about your addiction is just going to make your addiction worse and more painful. Your loving Higher Power wants you to get to recovery meetings and to practice the steps with your Sponsor so you can change for the better. Your loving Higher Power wants you to make a decision based on love, honesty, purity, and unselfishness. Your loving Higher Power wants you to take a deep breath and relax. Your loving Higher Power wants you to change from a fearful person to a grateful, compassionate, person. You no longer need to be jealous or compare yourself to anyone else. If you are having trouble believing in a Higher Power, start by trusting the best characteristics of yourself. Some call this your Higher Self. These characteristics are honesty, purity, unselfishness, and love. Act according to these values and you will find your Higher Self, your Higher Power.


No matter what, you are someone special to God! Get grateful for His love and do something to serve Him like helping another. When you have the spiritual awakening as a result of practicing the 12 steps, you are in the Light!