Do you have unrealistic expectations?

A major trigger for my drinking was disappointment, feeling like a loser. I sabotaged myself by creating unrealistic expectations which caused me to feel like a failure when I did not reach them. I lived by the motto, "shoot for the stars and if you land on the moon you'll be great." But I was never satisfied landing on the moon. In recovery, the principle of humility has taught me that it's absolutely okay that I'm just a regular human being and that I have to stop conditioning my happiness on the attainment of  expectations. There are many things that can happen in my life that are far beyond my control and I have learned that reducing expectations - and just trying to do the next right thing - is often best for my sobriety and peace of mind.


Today, I will not tell myself I am a loser no matter what. I choose not to be humiliated, disappointed, nervous or stressed. So I will not set the bar too high. I will make the journey more important than the results. I may make plans, but not outcomes.