AA stands for Attitude Adjustment

I need simple attitude adjustments to keep me serene. Whenever my brain wanders or races, I often need to say to myself, "Who cares?" I place too much importance on things that are not important. For example, if I start thinking about how the property manager treated me unfairly, how the referee messed up the call, what someone else thinks about me, I am just going to say to myself "WHO CARES?" This relieves my stress and immediately vanquishes my bad feelings.


Today, if I start to feel anxious, I am going to assess if whatever I am feeling nervous about is really worth the worry. I am going to ask myself if what I am worried about is a “want” or a “need.” If it’s a “need,” I am going to seriously consider what I can do, which may include seeking counsel or some assistance. But if it’s a “want,” I am going to say “Who Cares?” The answer will probably be only me, and perhaps it really isn’t worth the anxiety.