Keep coming back!

A SoberTool User writes: "I hear that at every meeting I attend, often more than once. I hear so many other catch phrases; easy does it, keep it simple, time takes time. The one I held onto in my darkest days was always, "Keep coming back!" 
I've struggled for years to get and stay clean. My mother was an alcoholic who died from this disease, my father was an addict who died of an overdose when I was very young. I've been addicted since I was 8. Honestly the entire family, as far back as I can recall, has suffered with this illness. 
I saw them all stop coming back.
No matter how far down I've fallen, I've remembered those words, I've listened to them, I've taken action behind them. I've found my place in a 12 step recovery program. My life is full; but more importantly, I have faith that my Higher power will bring me through anything that life throws at long as I keep coming back."


Today I will connect with someone who is also in recovery. A great place to connect is the SoberTool Forum.