How much pain will I have to endure?

Some time ago I was asked how you can not drink, not even a drop of alcohol? Must be very difficult! I thought, I did a retrospective of my life in the active and, to my amazement, I answered: It was not easy to stop drinking, but it was much harder to manage the lies, the suffering, the remorse, the self-pity, the need for approval of all, the fear of tomorrow, the martyrdom of yesterday, dealing with an infinite emptiness, which I thought was solitude, when in fact it was the absence of myself .... To manage all this was very difficult and tiring. I switched only for today not to drink and try to become a better version every day of me. 


Today I will remember the horrible consequences of my active addiction without shame but as an antidote to picking up the first drink or drug. I will cherish the fact that I am slowly becoming my true self again by being sober. I will not hesitate to discuss any craving I have with someone else who understands. I will have faith that any pain will be replaced by a wonderful Peace.