We are Called

We who are addicts must not view our addiction as an affliction but rather an opportunity. For we have been graced with no choice but to follow a better way or perish from our affliction. Such is the highest calling. Each human is put on earth, lives and dies. Many unafflicted seem to live a rather banal, meaningless existence. But some have been called to help others. We addicts are these chosen people. Our calling begins with our crisis. Our crisis leaves us lost in the desert, shocked, unable to use any of our previously treasured resources to survive. So all that's left is to cry out for help. All that's left is to follow a new way of living. And we are saved. We discover that after we die, the good works we do to help others live into eternity. We ultimately realize that we have not been afflicted but graced and empowered. So let us not mourn our affliction but be grateful for the opportunity to live a life of true meaning.

So, in the words of Alan Ginsburg, "You who saw it all, or flashes and fragments, take from us some example, to try and get yourselves together, to clean up your act, find your community, pick up on some sort of redemption of your own consciousness, become more mindful of your own friends, your own work, your own proper meditation, your own proper art, your own beauty, and go out and make it for your own eternity,"

Love, Light, Wisdom and Live the Miracle


Today I will look at my addiction as a calling not an affliction. I refuse to be ashamed, depressed, or worried about it. Instead, I will use my recovery to help others, to follow and manifest the miracle that has saved me.