You don't really need that to be happy

Some things you can’t have. Since you can't get them, don't worry about them. What is it that you need? Is it really something that is just for ego satisfaction? Is it really necessary to have dessert tonight? Is it really necessary to have that new car, that velvet shirt, that specific answer, that red flower pot? Do you really need that drink, that blunt? Or are they going to just let you down later? If it's necessary for sustenance, you will get it. If it's something consistent with love, purity, unselfishness and honesty, just take a small step in that direction. Isn't it nice that you can feel so much better just by simplifying toward goodness?


Today, do something healthy for your body like eating something nutritious or taking a walk if you can. Good for you for using this App and turning your attitude around! Let go of sadness and desire. If you are thinking of using, follow through the drink, drug or behavior to its terrible end. It does not end up making you happy.