Not good OR bad; rather good AND bad.

Resentment against people or situations is a major cause of relapse because we drink or drug to escape the the pain of resentment. Resentment usually starts when we judge a person or a situation as being bad. Our mistake is that there is rarely good or bad, but rather most if not all people and situations have good and bad qualities. Everyone has character flaws, even me :). Everyone makes mistakes. Every situation, even those that are intended to be fun, has challenges. Difficult situations give us the opportunity to learn and grow. Seeing both sides (the good and the bad) helps us accept situations more easily. We can then understand and forgive (we can even forgive ourselves). Acceptance, understanding and forgiveness push us further away from the first drink or drug.


Right now, I will repeat the phrase, "Not good or bad, but good and bad." I will remember that people and situations tend to have both pros and cons. I therefore refuse to be angry or resentful at anybody or anything.