There is no night so dark that there is no new sunrise.

Each day is a unique opportunity to start fresh! I can start my day over at anytime by recommitting to sobriety. I accept that I cannot change past failures caused by my addiction, but I don't have to recreate the past if I stay sober. I completed many 24 hours, but the most important is today. I recognize I need help with alcohol and drugs and have decided not to drink or drug. I recognize that any problem I have can be faced today so long as I don't let my negative emotions take control. We have the power to change! We are together.


Today, I will not let my failures discourage me. Rather, I will turn them into success by admitting that I cannot (and don't have to try any longer to) stay sober all by myself. This admission of solitary powerlessness is the gateway to getting help. Help succeeds where pure self reliance fails. So I will connect with a support person before I pick up a drink or drug. I will not be ashamed to ask for help with any problem.