The Big Picture

Each day we are bombarded with problems and decisions. That is the nature of life. A key to sobriety is not allowing the little problems lead to frustration which leads to a need to escape through relapse. A powerful coping skill is to focus on the Big Picture when confronted with problems. The Big Picture is that our life is trending better so long as we stay in recovery regardless of the little problems. The little problems pale in importance when compared to the general success we are experiencing as we stay sober.  The little problems will eventually be solved, resolve or simply dissolve. We will feel like we made some good decisions and some not so good decisions. We will win some and we will lose some. They are all minutia because they cannot threaten the Big Picture. 


As problems and decisions arise today, I will not become frustrated, confused, afraid, or angry because I will keep my focus on the Big Picture. The Big Picture is that not picking up the first drug equals a gradually improved life regardless of the outcome of the stream of minutia (little problems and decisions). I will not ruin the Big Picture by turning little problems into trouble by relapsing emotionally or by picking up the first drug. I will feel happy and secure knowing that if I focus on the Big Picture I will not recreate the trouble my drinking and drugging caused and I will continue to live joyously in the Big Picture!