Recovery happens when my self-image changes from a source of shame to a source of growth.

I am learning about how shame affects my cravings.  I don’t submit to harmful cravings when I feel unashamed to admit that I have them, that they lead to harmful consequences, and I ask for help. I feel as if I can start to change when I don’t feel ashamed about who I am.  Shame comes in many forms to me. It may be that I am ashamed of how I look.  Or ashamed  of my  lack of character development.  Or ashamed  that  I can't help more people. Or ashamed that I cannot alone help myself. Or ashamed at what excites me.  Or ashamed at my inability to control my eating or drug use or other people.  


Today, I am going to work on accepting myself as a human being, full of issues, but not ashamed of them. I am not going to judge myself harshly. When I adopt this attitude, I feel so much more relaxed and free from anger. Without shame, I know I can ask for help and begin real, positive change.