Happy New Child

Talking to my AA’s sponsor the other day, I told him that we have already been very spiritual (it has nothing to do with religion) we need to relearn and be again.

He said, what do you mean? How have we been?

I said: as children, we lived the now to the full. We were happy with the simple, from a walk in the park, playing with pets, with affection and treats at Grandma's house, playing with friends, without charges and complexity. Sometimes we cried, we got angry, sad, but everything went too fast, again we were joking and smiling ...

And I see that I grew up and this simplicity gave way to comparison: I need this, I need that, I need to have, I need to be this, to be that ...

Empty goals imposed by third parties ...

Thanks to AA I found myself again with that spiritualized child and I learn to live with joy day by day. If you ask me today what is the purpose of life? I would venture to say Life’s purpose is to LIVE FULLY...not anxious, stressed.

 I wish you to reunite with the spiritualized and vivacious child you once were, a lot of Peace, Harmony and Light.

That child was very wise!

Today YOU are the most important person here.

Thank you. Gratitude.



Today I will reunite with the spiritualized and vivacious child within me. I will focus on simplicity, not comparison. I will accept myself without shame and accept others without jealousy. Since I have experienced how such acceptance defeats any need to escape through alcohol or drugs, I am confident (not cocky) that acceptance will work well for me today. I will now say the 11 th step prayer.