As I miss my Grandmother


As I miss my Grandmother, I remember she had the incredible gift of making me feel magnificent. Even though the world was falling apart, she managed to transmit tranquility and peace.

Magnificent not in the sense of feeding the Ego, but of recognizing that I was valuable.

Recovery from alcoholism brought this feeling back, made me see the simple. What was essential became futile, and to my surprise, the simple became my inspiration. In this simple view, today I realize that we are all magnificent and unique. Many, like me, lost their rich and abundant childhood spirituality (no relation to religion) as they aged.  I lost my magnificence and started to compare myself and set empty goals, which the more I reached them, the more the emptiness expanded. Goals to show others everything I was not, goals to distance myself from myself, goals assessed only by comparative standards. But such goals are already part of the past. I am grateful for all I went through, after all without this, I would never have found myself.


Look at yourself with affection, with respect and consideration. Forgive yourself, be reunited with that wonderful and spiritualized child, who lived one day at a time, focused on joyful events, however small, who fully loved life, even without knowing for sure what this feeling was, even without knowing if he or she would be a doctor, engineer, farmer. Reunite with that spiritualized child even if you did not become an astronaut or sailor, even if you did not get married, or have children. No need to be lost in the past or in the imaginary future. No need to rush. No need to be anxious, worried, afraid or depressed. The adventure is to simply be better versions of yourself, day by day. Little by little, you will remember how magnificent you are! Start now! I'm cheering for you!

Much Peace and Light.