Live by the "Principle of the Sundial."

Have you ever seen a sundial? It is basically a disk with recorded hours and a pin fixed perpendicular to it. When the sun's rays fall on the sundial, a shadow projects on the disk's surface, thus, indicating the hour. Logically, without the Sun, you can't see time on the sundial. There are sundials that bear the following inscription on their disc: "I record only hours when the sun shines."

We can also record only the hours when the sun is shining - and I call this the "way of living according to the principle of the sundial." Dear friend, if you want to make your life, a "sacred" place, do your best to "record only the radiant hours," that is, decide to remember and speak only of joyful and happy moments; use the creative power of the word to express joy. This is the secret of happiness.

If all of humanity starts living according to the "principle of the sundial" registering only good, happy and positive thoughts, and expelling unpleasant recordings, sad thoughts or dark imaginations, glad tidings will fill this world!

Why is it that many people remember and express only unhappiness, annoyances, hatred, jealousy, humiliation, etc., all which lead to alienation? It is due to ignorance of the "mental law of happiness" and the "creative power of the Word." These people need to learn they manifest everything they think and say; they need to realize that unhappiness grows when they are fixated on negativity.

Our “mental memory” is like a vehicle, possessed of a variety of passengers: the handsome cowboys, the beautiful ballerinas, the drunks emitting the unbearable odor of alcohol with a body full of sores. But we don't have to obsess on the unpleasant passengers.
We can filter the "records" from our "mental archive." We can focus on the positive. 

What is the use of keeping sadness in your heart? What is the use of remembering how you suffered? The world benefits not from your being discouraged recalling your failures. Sadness, failures - these are all useless baggage. Expel this baggage as you would a thief. 

When your mind seems stuck with unpleasant thoughts, or you feel overwhelmed by fear, anger, jealousy or a desire for revenge, your mind is being assaulted by patterns you have created which only rob you of the treasure of happiness.

If a thief comes into your house to steal, even if it is just a pair of shoes, you want to expel him, do you not? So expel from your mind  the thieves of hatred, resentment and other negativities which steal from you joy. 


Let this moment be a mental cleansing. Be like a "sundial", that you record and manifest only the bright hours. Unload the baggage that has accumulated in your mind. Be not bored, depressed, obsessed. Abandon fear and negativity and live only the shining moments of the Sun.