The End of Suffering

1. THE TRUTH OF SUFFERING: There is no way to avoid suffering here on Earth. There is too much conflict, change, illness, weather calamities, financial disasters, natural disasters, family disasters, ETC. to argue that SUFFERING IS UNAVOIDABLE.

2. SERENITY IS POSSIBLE IN THE FACE OF SUFFERING. Serenity occurs when we stop lying to ourselves, ACCEPT the truth of suffering, and find a good PURPOSE for tolerating the suffering.

Practicing addicts respond to the truth of suffering incorrectly. They think they can escape inescapable suffering by practicing their addiction, to wit: drinking alcohol, using pornography, injecting heroin, gambling, etc. Or, they think accomplishments and rewards will give them serenity. Or they think they can control the uncontrollable World to avoid unavoidable suffering. They think they can move to an island, they think they can buy a pretty car, eat ice cream, they think they can pay bills or hoard money, they think they can get married or divorced, ETC. ALL OF THIS ONLY LEADS TO MORE SUFFERING.

The only way to serenity is through ACCEPTING the suffering and finding good PURPOSE in the suffering.

What is good purpose? Good purpose (as opposed to bad purpose which leads to more suffering) is often altruistic, either in the sense of not wanting to hurt someone else but also wanting to help them. It could also arise through creating something or through service to some just cause.


So, my advice to the person who is new to addiction recovery or is struggling with relapse temptation or is simply discontented is to stop deluding yourself that you can avoid suffering and find a good purpose!

My good purpose is trying to help you find a good purpose. Peace and Light!