The Ocean

Friends, brothers, sisters in recovery,


I live on an island in the Atlantic Ocean. I swim out into the ocean nearly every day, often in rough seas. The first rule of swimming in the ocean is ONE CANNOT FIGHT THE OCEAN. You can only swim back to shore when the ocean wants to release you. The ocean's waves, currents, tides, riptides, are all too powerful for any human to control. The ocean can also be deceptive for what looks like calm seas may actually have a compression like under current which can suck one under. BUT, in all cases, IF one does not overestimate one's ability and endurance to stay afloat and IF one GOES WITH THE FLOW - one will eventually make it back to shore when the Ocean chooses to create a path.



To all of you who are fighting, struggling, equivocating, and downright confused for any reason, please meditate on how to make it back to shore. Please pass this along to your brothers and sisters in recovery. And may the many blessings and wisdoms you have experienced - even if you have been engaged in recovery for just one day - continue as you remain engaged in the wonders of the Program. You are all cherished and needed.