The Dark Night of the Soul

No addiction has a cure. It can be arrested contingent on a holistic (mind, body, emotional, and spiritual) healing process, which many believe begins with a phenomenon called the Dark Night of the Soul. Though at first painful, the Dark Night of the Soul is the initial phase of the process which changes our curse into a blessing.
Eckhart Tolle, Carl Jung, several other psychologists, philosophers and even the Shamans describe the Dark Night of the Soul as a “rite” of passage.  Jamie Sams says that Native Americans also consider the Dark Night of the Soul to be a rite of passage, which can strengthen the warrior nature that is part of our spirit. It happens when our four bodies (emotional, physical, mental, spiritual)  go through darkness, we feel helpless and it seems that our world has collapsed.  We feel the loss of our connection with the Creator, the Universe, and our true selves. This hard rite of passage forces us to change or die. It makes us courageous, awakens our consciousness, and leads us to our spiritual essence and our holistic healing process.  AA's Big Book Chapter, "We Came to Believe" includes several episodes of deep despair that were followed by a "rise." For me, the insanity of everything that I went through, even overturning my car at a high speed with no injuries, shows me that the Higher Power has always been with me even during my Dark Night...and for all of this there is a purpose.
Today, even in the midst of challenges, I am able to appreciate the abundant luxury of simple things. I am able to cheer, to celebrate the happiness of others. Even though I have bills to pay and work to do, nothing deters me from living in fullness. When I measure myself with money, blame myself for mistakes, allow others to manipulate me, lose or fail, I can change my attitude. When feeling imperfect, discouraged, ashamed, lonely, stressed, confused, fearful, resentful, or in any way lost, I am able to see that this darkness results from closing my eyes not from the light extinguishing. For me, wealth is being able to share what the darkness has taught me as an expression of hope, not despair.
And your recovery, with its discipline, affection and love for which you dedicate to it, strengthens me and inspires me to dedicate myself more and more to maintain a Rich Life (Peace and Light). I have written this and you are reading this due to our Dark Night of the Soul, and so we unite at this moment in the Peace and Light.


Today, I will not despair! I will recognize that the suffering of my addiction was my rite of passage to a greater consciousness and an abundant life! I will look at it not as a burden but as a way to help others and to reconnect to the Creator, the Universe, and my True Nature. I will recognize how my "bottom," my "Spiritual Bankruptcy," my dark night of my soul was necessary to adhere to a new, greater way of life. If I stumble on my recovery path, I will only more vigorously appeal to my Higher Power, knowing that I was once saved by doing so, and therefore faithful that I only need to open my eyes to walk again on the well lit path.