Little sacrifices beget momentous rewards.

“I just wish I could have a few drinks with my friends…”…”I just wish I could have one cigarette with breakfast…” These are the thoughts which destroy serenity. Magical thinking is wishful thinking that can’t happen. It leads alcoholics back to drinking, overeaters back to cake, and serene people back to misery. To maintain sobriety, make no doubt about it, we need to make little sacrifices. But, take heart! Those little sacrifices will not seem like sacrifices soon. For example, you will enjoy your friends without needing to drink, you will love the taste of your morning eggs even more when you don’t have a cigarette. Although you might find practicing the 12 steps (or whatever you are doing to stay sober) challenging at first, you will soon experience the joys of acceptance, gratitude, connection and shameless self-improvement! Your initial little sacrifices will beget momentous rewards of peace and serenity!


Today I will remember that sobriety results from little changes I make. Even though all changes involve some initial discomfort, I will not let that discomfort knock me off the path to peace and light.