Don't conquer the mountain, become one with the mountain.

Experience life while letting go of the results. Not to win or lose, control or relinquish. Fear dissipates. There is no good step or bad step, only the best possible foothold brought about by unencumbered focus. There is no past or future, anticipation or regret, worry or remorse, success or failure. All that is when becoming one with the mountain is fully engaged sobriety, free from cravings. We don't struggle to the top. There is no "if only I can keep going, I can reach the top." There is only this moment. No end. No how will I make it back down the mountain or what will I do then. No that was great or terrible.  Perfect sobriety is being fully engaged, at one with the mountain, with each other, with the car ride, with each breath. There are no chores or tasks, no expectations or resentments, no better than or worse. Just sobriety.





Right now, I will not conquer the moment, I will become one with the moment.