What is Letting go?

You’ve heard the phrase “let go” again and again. But what does it really mean? “Let go” tells us to ACCEPT, not go into denial and hide from what is. Let go tells us to let go of our wishful thinking – let go of our desire that something is not so, and accept reality. Then, “let go” tells us to ADAPT in a manner motivated by positive principles, like love, unselfishness, and honesty. Such adaptation may involve some action on our part, but more often than not, “letting go” involves NO ACTION. Often, choosing to do nothing, letting someone or something be, is the most advantageous way to let go when our sobriety is our priority. And isn’t serenity and sobriety what you are ultimately trying to get and maintain?



Today, I will meditate on the meaning of letting go. I will accept and adapt by either doing the next best thing or nothing at all. I will be conscious of my motivations when I adapt. I will be conscious of any character defects of mine which may be interfering with my process of letting go and perhaps connect to a Higher, Effective, Loving Power for help in this process.