Today I will be vulnerable

Vulnerability is opening myself up to risk...perhaps of getting hurt.  Taking a chance on going to a recovery meeting, sharing something personal with someone, trying rock climbing, getting and caring for a dog, all require me to take a personal risk, all require me to become vulnerable. Trusting someone, asking for help, being willing to change (even if it's change I know in my heart is good for me like stopping drinking/drugging/acting out) requires me to be vulnerable, to put myself out there to experience something new and different with the hope it will help. Giving up my old way of doing things, giving up some core belief, sharing feelings honestly, acting on faith are all essentials of sobriety and all require that I become vulnerable. Saying something when I am unsure of others' approval, looking honestly at myself without the need to put up emotional walls and ego defenses require me to be vulnerable. BUT THE REWARD FOR BEING VULNERABLE HAS BEEN GREAT. I have come to accept myself without the need to escape or hide with drinking/drugging/acting out. It took vulnerability to make me free. Question: what does vulnerability mean to you and where do you think you need to be vulnerable?


Today I will be vulnerable. I will take a chance at looking at myself and sharing something personal about myself with someone else. I will not fear failure, I will not cling to some self defeating customary way of doing things. I will try to do something that I know may be good for me even if I feel uncetainty or fear.