I've got alot because I don't need much.

When I appreciate what I have, I am rich. Conversely, when I think I don't have enough, it's just that I am asking for too much. My expectations are too high. I am asking for what I don't need.  I am failing to have perspective. For example, I could be walking on the beach in Florida and say it's too cold because it is 70°. Or could be wanting 68 year old wife to romance me like she did when she was 20. All of this is tied into me wanting more than life can give and my loss of perspective. Obviously, I should be grateful to have a wife at my age and a beach to walk on.


Today I am going to have perspective and keep my expectations reasonable. This gives me true Joy and helps keep me sober. I will remember that when I don't need much, I've got alot.