Are you dry or are you sober

"Are you dry or are you sober?"

If you feel like using right now or if you are feeling bad, you may be white knuckling. White knuckling is no fun. White knuckling means you are trying not to relapse by will power alone. White knuckling causes you to feel uncomfortable, stressed, upset, and dissatisfied. White knuckling means you are dry and not sober. Being dry leads to relapse.

So, remember today that not using without a recovery program makes you dry and does not give you the joy and freedom of being sober. Sooner or later just being dry will result in relapse, stress, and broken relationships.

There is a big difference between being dry and being sober. Being sober means that you are happy not using and that tough times are manageable. Being dry means you are not happy not using.


You will be sad, anxious, and fearful unless you implement a good daily recovery program. Read the recovery literature, live the 12 steps, get to meetings, and you will be sober and not dry…don't deny yourself this joy.