Denial ain't a river in Egypt

If someone says this to you, you need to take a look at your excuses, rationalizations, minimizations, and blindness regarding your drug use. Excuses range from, "I just had a tough day so I decided to get bombed to I just had a good day so I decided to get bombed." Rationalizations range from, "But I was at a party and everyone was drinking" or "My getting drunk was your fault." Minimizations include "I wasn't that awful" or "I only use every now and then." Blindness means that you think "drugs are the solution to your problems." Interestingly, denial doesn't only mean that someone knows they have a problem but refuses to deal with it. Denial also means that the person honestly is failing to see that he or she has a problem. If you are in denial, you are one step away from getting drunk or drugged again.


Don't fantasize about using by letting denial creep back in. Do a drug history from the first time you had alcohol or any other drug. Write down the dates, the amounts, and the consequences. Try seeing where you had unintended consequences and unintended behaviors.