Do Nice Little Things For Others

To get rid of self consciousness, anxiety and resentment, make it a habit to start your day with a prayer simply asking your Higher Power (God, higher conscience, intuition, soul, Buddah, Jesus, Zen - whoever or whatever you choose to call Him, Her or It) to help you be kind. Then, be courteous and do nice little things for others. Even with adversaries, be kind. Try to spend more energy understanding them than worrying about them understanding you. And don’t reserve your “random acts of kindness” for only those so-called very important people you want to impress. Be kind to everyone, including clerks, janitors, those who do the important jobs that most people take for granted. Be the one with a kind demeanor on the elevator; hold the door open. Practice with everyone. The miracle here is that you will find that this habit forces you to be kinder to yourself and consequently happier and more peaceful - because you need to be in a kind mood to be kind to others. In turn, others may be kinder to you.


When you are in a kind mood you are less likely to relapse because you won't fantasize about how using can make you feel better. You will already feel good. People who are in good moods don't need to use.