If you don't think good, don't think much

Our brains can really cause us problems and make us uncomfortable. A good way to stop feeling overwhelmed or fantasizing about a drug or bad behavior making us feel better is to ask yourself if you really are in trouble or is it just your anxious brain talking? Addicts overanalyze. We worry about outcomes. We try to control what we cannot. We tend to think negatively. We tend to ignore good things, and dwell on bad things. We are self conscious. Even when things are good, we worry about how long the good things will last. Addicts use and act out to try to change their irritating brains. Unfortunately, substances and addictive behaviors not only change our brains but cause us to break laws, end up in hospitals, lose God, and ruin relationships. A better way to change our brains is to surround ourselves with recovering people who care about us, exercise, eat correctly, practice the 12 steps, and share our secrets with Sponsors.


Tell yourself that if you can't think about good things (for example, things for which you are grateful), then you must think mechanically about only what you are doing in the present moment. It's also good to tell yourself to get out of your head and into your heart. You can also think about reaching out to help someone or to do something to serve your Higher Power. Sometimes that service can be not making a problem worse or just taking a break for a peaceful walk or some other fun activity.