If you stay humble, you won't stumble

Fantasizing about a drink means that we are entertaining the impossibility that we can run our lives without help. Humility is admitting that you're not running the show - that you really don't know all the answers - that you need help to stop drinking, drugging or acting out with other addictive behaviors. Humility is a difficult thing for alcoholics to practice because we have spent a lifetime nurturing our egos. Nurturing our egos means that we have built up defenses to make it look like we knew what we were doing, that made it look like we did not need help. Humility begins with our doing our Higher Power's will. It means that we are strong enough to admit that we cannot control our drug of choice, that our Higher Power can save us. Humility puts our ego back into balance.



Tell yourself to stop fantasizing. Give your fantasy to your Higher Power. Your Higher Power can be your support group, the 12 steps, anything that keeps you sober. Humbly do your Higher Power's will and you will stay clean and sober.