Anything you put in front of sobriety you will lose

As you stay clean and sober, you will be tempted to reduce what is working for you, like recovery meetings, Sponsor contact, daily contact with a recovering individual, daily readings, and daily prayer. Don't. Particularly don't make an excuse for missing these recovery activities by saying that your kid's baseball game is more important or work is more important or something else is more important. You can still fit in these other important activities and not forgo your recovery duties. If you can't, then your life is too imbalanced and you need to rearrange something else. If you want to keep good things in your life, keep sobriety first and foremost in your life.


Say to yourself that sobriety is the foundation of everything good in your life and do something to serve your sobriety: go to a meeting, help another, post a message on the SoberTool forum, etc.