Slip stands for sobriety losing its priority

"S.L.I.P. stands for sobriety losing its priority."

A relapse happens long before the first drink or drug use. It starts with a decrease in 12 step meeting attendance, a decrease in contacting one's sponsor, and a decrease in living the 12 steps. Usually this decrease in daily recovery technique implementation occurs because the relapser believes something is more important than implementing a strong daily program or the relapser believes he or she is cured. Without such a program, life's frustrations and temptations cannot be managed. Gradually, the relapser will be exposed to high risk situations which will allow him or her access to alcohol or drugs. Finally, the relapser will fantasize about the "good things" of using, groom for the use of the drug, and act out completing the relapse.


Ask yourself if something has greater priority for you than staying sober? If you answer yes, call your sponsor and recommit to an effective daily program.