You can't stay sober just by remembering your consequences

Mary loves her three year old son, Adam, more than anything in the World. Her Court Order says that if Mary relapses, she will lose all visitation of Adam until she can prove that she is clean for one year. She successfully completes 30 days of inpatient. She successfully completes Aftercare. She has been sober for 90 days, and life is better. Problems are vanishing. She is certain that her need to be with Adam will keep her sober. She cuts back on meetings to spend more time with Adam. She cuts back on calling her Sponsor. She overdoses on Heroin and dies.

May Mary's example motivate you to keep up with your recovery program and keep an open mind to the principles that may save your life.


Remember you can't stay sober just by remembering what will happen if you relapse. You can't stay sober just because your problems seem to be going away. You must experience a spiritual, intellectual, and personality change. Keep an open mind so that this change may come in to you. Your love even for your own child cannot keep you clean and sober. You must daily nurture a spiritual, intellectual and personality overhaul. The latest research shows that  active participation in 12 step programs helps. Good for you for using this App right now! Check out your rewards, time sober, and money saved. Then see if you can provide some encouragement to someone in the Forum. Peace, Light, and a little bit of Love!