TIME stands for Things I Must Earn

"TIME stands for 'Things I Must Earn.'"

We addicts have wreaked havoc on our friends, family, and colleagues. We can't expect to gain their trust back just because we have put down the drink, drug, food, or other sick behavior. We have lied, cheated and stolen from them. They would be fools to trust us immediately. So don't resent them. Rather, we must earn back their trust by doing sober, sane acts over time. How long will it be? Only God knows. But just keep going to meetings and living the 12 steps and your behavior will become trustable. As you progress, don't expect them to understand your disease or praise you for being sober. Do expect them to treat you with skepticism. But there will DEFINITELY be a day when you will notice that they start to trust you and you will be so grateful. By going to meetings, you will be around people who will understand and support you along the way.


Let go of your sadness. Pat yourself on the back for doing the right thing today. Keep going to meetings and living the 12 steps. Don't expect trust or understanding from those you have hurt, but don't blame yourself either because you are on the right road!