A tightly wound baseball

When you crave to use to escape your feelings, you have become like a tightly wound baseball. If you've never seen the inside of a baseball, it is tightly wound around a tiny rock hard center. You are like that baseball in that you have layer after layer of fears and resentments that are strangling your core (your true self). Your core can deal with reality; but your addiction consists of the layers of fears and resentments which make your core impotent. Once you cut through those layers by doing the 12 steps (particularly 4-7 and a daily 10th), you will free your core. And you will find that your core is this joyous being that can deal quite happily with reality without drugs.


Don't let your core strangle. Do a fourth step, a "searching and fearless" moral inventory to discover all your fears and resentments which are strangling your core. Then do a fifth step by admitting those fears and resentments to yourself, your Higher Power, and another trusted human being. This will free your core. And remember to do this process on a daily basis (the 10th step), so that you can keep your core free when new fears and resentments creep back into your life.