At the end of the day, write down everything good that happened

Alcoholics and addicts can feel hopeless, angry, sad, resentful, fearful, overwhelmed, and many combinations of these painful feelings. A great exercise to turn around our attitude is to take a few minutes at the end of each day (or immediately when shocked or upset) to remember the good things that happened to us that day. Don't write down things that happened in previous days. Just jot down good things that happened that day. This exercise will make you feel like life is good. It will give you joy (gratitude for gifts). It takes a little more effort than thinking about the bad things or being irritated. But after a few weeks of practice, you will find your mind defaulting more naturally to the good things than the bad things.


Get a little diary book or create a folder on your computer. Before going to sleep, jot down a few good things that happened to you that day. It can be that someone smiled at you. It can be that you had something tasty to eat. It could be that you could look yourself in the eye in the mirror. It could be that you woke up and didn't come to from passing out stoned.