Craving or having relapse thoughts?

Choose the category that is most relevant to you right now

Do you want a message that applies to everything?

I feel like using right now

You think you can use in moderation?

You think you can have just one?

Do you have stress, worry, fear, anxiety, or a restless brain?

You are feeling a trigger to use?

Do you need to stop fantasizing about using?

To escape anger or resentment?

You are taking things too seriously?

You are hanging out with old friends?

You solved all your problems?

You make mistakes or you feel worthless?

You feel shocked?

You feel like you can't change?

You feel hopeless or ashamed?

You don't fit in or people don't like you?

You are tired of your recovery program?

You think you can use other drugs or behaviors to substitute for your drug?

You are self conscious?

You are overwhelmed?

You are hungry, angry, lonely, or tired?

You think you figured out why you used abusively?

You are confused about how you stop using?

You are afraid to share your feelings?

Things are going well?

You think you're cured so you can have just one?

No one trusts you?

You think you're not an addict so you can have just one?

Do you think you can use because you used less than others?

Do you think other things are more important than recovery?

Do you think moving locations will keep you sober?

To escape confusion or being overwhelmed?

You think life is unfair, you have a lot of self pity or you feel sad?

Things not going your way?

You are angry at your Higher Power?

You think recovery meetings are just an addiction?

Think if you don't go anywhere you won't use?

You have philosophical differences with recovery meetings?